Electroplating & Anodizing


Surtronics was founded in 1965. The word Surtronics was derived from the combination of surface (sur-) and electronics (-tronics). Our mission and goal was to provide metal plating, precious and non-precious to the electronics industry as well as commercial and industrial customers.

Surtronics first location was in a very small building that formerly housed a Laundromat on Glenwood Ave and Five Points in Raleigh. Our first plated part was a Corning Glass Works, Inc integrated circuit flat PAC, a computer chip housing which was gold plated. After three years at the location on Glenwood, the shop was moved to a location on Hargett Street. Due to high demand in electroplating and more space at this new facility, Surtronics was able to accommodate seven employees and processed silver, zinc, and cadmium surface finishes.

In 1971, Surtronics moved from the Hargett Street location to the current location at Method and Beryl Road. This location is accessible to RDU Airport, truck lines, and bus pickup and delivery. Also, the new building’s 10,000 square feet, which is referred to as Phase 1, was equipped with a quality control lab, and numerous plating production lines to accommodate the demand for various surface finishes. In addition, there were thirty employees by this time.

In 1982, Phase II of Surtronics growth was completed. The 8,600 square feet was devoted to large barrel lines and an expanded shipping area. Surtronics added a second shift at this time. The previous growth of the company lead to the 1989 expansion of the office and closed end shipping dock area. This expansion is referred to as Phase III.

Angela Smith, grew up in the business and has witnessed many changes and advances in technology. In addition to expansions in technology, the actual physical increase in size establishes Surtronics as one of the largest platers/anodizers in the Southeast.

In September of 2007, Angela Stanley (formerly Angela Smith), Surtronics became a second generation solely woman owned business. Today the company employs about 45 people, has over 500 customers, and utilizes 18 different processes that can be modified based on need. Throughout the progression of growth Surtronics continually increases efficiency and improves upon quality. Our management team focuses on customer service and upgrading facilities and capabilities.  Surtronics has evolved from humble beginnings to a hallmark electroplating company without losing focus on meeting the needs of its customers.