Electroplating & Anodizing



Precision blasting can improve parts in several ways including efficiently removing hard to reach burrs, preparing surfaces to receive coatings, removing thin coatings, achieving a desired surface texture or roughness, and achieving complex cleaning.  We blast parts as small as .5" in length and parts as long as 44".

We now have two blasting options! The first being an automatic belt fed blaster with a maximum capacity of 12 inches wide and 144 inches in length. The second option is a manual blast cabinet, which accommodates parts smaller than 48 inches by 48 inches.


Protecting a desired area from change during production, masking materials are used to protect portions of a work from unintended change. Masking prior to and during the process can be a key element to the success of your finishing project. We have a full time staff dedicated to this important process step.

  • Paint Max temp 200oF
  • Lead Foil Tape
  • Plugs, Caps, Ect.


    Upon customer request our staff can package your items for drop shipment or packaging for final distribution. With your preapproved packaging we can kit and label your parts to fit your particular needs.

    Special Processes
    Everything but off-site finishing.